A campaign committee has been formed to advocate for the passage of a parks and recreation bond on November’s ballot that, if approved, would fund the construction of a sports complex in Lee County.

On Friday, Lee Grow Play Succeed launched a website to support its efforts.

“We want to encourage everyone to explore the website and learn about all of the possibilities that a sports complex can offer,” said Susan Keller, who is co-chairing the Lee Grow Play Succeed campaign with Erin Borrell.

The site includes an abundance of text, as well as links to social media channels and downloadable information.

“Lee Grow Play Succeed is a referendum committee of Lee County business owners, local leaders and residents working together to build a future where community members have access to a state-of-the-art multi-purpose sports complex,” reads text on the site. “We see this as an opportunity to grow our community, strengthen our economy through tourism and increase property values throughout the county—all while creating a space where we can come together when it’s safe to do so.”

The Lee County Board of Commissioners voted officially to place the sports complex on the 2020 ballot back in December of 2019 (subscription required), but discussion about the proposal has been ongoing for much longer. In June 2019, The Rant Monthly covered the topic at length (back then, the bond measure would have funded both the sports complex and a new library; the library has since been funded separately).