The Rant will appear in a feature segment on WRAL’s “Tar Heel Traveler” at 5:55 p.m. today, The Rant has learned.

Sources indicate that reporter Scott Mason interviewed The Rant on July 1, discussing the outlet’s history, operations and approach to local news. The segment will appear on sometime after it airs.

Sources further indicate that Mason will appear as a guest on The Rant’s podcast, Friends of The Rant, on Tuesday, July 28.

Reached for comment, The Rant told The Rant that it had to be careful about disclosing sources, but could personally attest to the information’s veracity.

“We’re told this segment will feature The Rant,” Rant co-founder Billy Liggett said. “And we have every reason to believe that this information is valid. If your dream has ever been to see us on television, you’re going to have that opportunity today. May the Force be with you.”