WRAL is reporting that some students at Lee County High School were subjected to racist and pornographic content after an unauthorized user gained access to a virtual classroom on Monday.

From WRAL’s report:

“There were pictures of Nazi symbols,” said Shauna Roberts, a concerned parent.

Roberts is still in shock over the violent and pornographic videos she said played out from her daughter’s computer on the first day of virtual classes for Lee County High School.

“They were showing videos of African Americans being shot. There were also pictures of Donald Trump along with the KKK that were popping up. It was just disturbing all the way together,” she said.

According to the article, school resource officers are gathering information about the incident, which they will turn over to detectives with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

There are a couple of issues with WRAL’s headline. It incorrectly identifies Lee County High School as “Sanford High,” and also uses the word “hacker” to identify the person who gained access to the virtual classroom. The story, however, contains a statement from the district which makes clear that “it appears that this was an inadvertent approval of an outside (email) address requesting access” – which isn’t necessarily the same as a person or persons breaking into a network.