Sosa-Benitez and Benitez-Gomez, courtesy of Sanford Police Department

Two South Fourth Street men were charged Wednesday with selling multiple narcotics after a search of their home turned up large amounts of crystal meth, heroin, cocaine, and marijuana.

Augustine Sosa-Benitez, 46, and Hulisis Benitez-Gomez, 19, both of 211 S. 4th St. in east Sanford face multiple trafficking and other charges for the various drugs. Sanford Police along with members of the Greensboro Police Department and the federal Drug Enforcement Administration apparently seized a kilogram of crystal meth, a kilogram of cocaine, a kilogram of heroin, a pound of marijuana, and an assault rifle and ammunition. Police said the drugs have an estimated street value of $400,000.

Augustine Sosa-Benitez was jailed under $1 million secured bond; Hulisis Benitez-Gomez was given $300,000 secured bond.