Helen Cotten reads the June 2021 edition of The Rant Monthly at her home in Botswana.

The Rant Monthly, it seems, needs to create an award for “farthest flung regular reader” after learning about Helen Cotten, who apparently receives a copy of the newspaper each month at her home in Botswana.

Originally from Sanford, Cotten now lives in the southern African nation with her daughter Angie and son-in-law Craig Cloud, who was confirmed as the United States Ambassador to Bostwana in January 2019. Cotten, we’re told, keeps up with news from her hometown by receiving a copy of each month’s newspaper from her friend Vivian Simpson back home in Lee County.

“Helen and Vivian have been close friends for almost 70 years,” said Jane Rae Fawcett, Vivian’s daughter. “They met while working at Heins Telephone Company as operators in 1953.” Thanks Helen and Vivian both.

We’re thrilled to now be read in Botswana, a nation that’s said to be one of the world’s fastest growing economies, as well as the likely birthplace of modern human beings. And with North America and Africa crossed off the list, The Rant Monthly only needs to find readers in South America, Australia, Europe, Asia and Antarctica to reach our goal of world domination.