By Richard Sullins |

The Sanford City Council approved on Tuesday the release of an incentive grant of up to $224,828 for Project Frame, representing the city’s share of an $18 million project that will create at least 235 jobs in the building construction materials industry over the next four years.

The project will consist of the construction of a new manufacturing facility and purchase of new machinery and equipment to be installed on the property. The average annual wages of the jobs to be created through the project will be at least $50,720.

According to the job creation schedule, the first two jobs to be generated by the company are to be in 2021. 28 more jobs will be created in 2022, 98 jobs in 2023, and 107 jobs in 2024.

In exchange for the incentives, the company has agreed to create and maintain 235 new and full-time jobs through June 30, 2027. The funds will not be released until the company has made its first actual payment of property taxes to the city.

“Project Frame” is the code name assigned to the project by the North Carolina Department of Commerce during the recruiting and negotiating phase of the process. The company’s name will be revealed at an official announcement that is expected to happen within the coming weeks.

In a related action, the council will investigate a petition from Lee Iron & Metal LLC for a non-contiguous annexation by the city of a 46.9-acre tract of land owned by the company at 1600 Colon Road. The owner wishes to get sewer service extended to the property in connection with an economic development project.

Other Actions

The council will also investigate a second petition for annexation, this one being a contiguous annexation of 43.13 acres owned by Truesdale Capital LLC and Racoon Path Holdings LLC. The property, located to the west of Hawkins Avenue and Beechtree Drive, is to be developed for multi-family and commercial purposes.

City council members received into the city’s budget a $25,000 donation from the Lee County Farm Bureau for the Pilgrim’s of Sanford Agricultural Marketplace. The gift will be used to assist in the revitalization of the former location of King Roofing, Heating, and Air, a building now owned by the city. In partnership with the NC Cooperative Extension, the City of Sanford and Downtown Sanford Inc., the Pilgrim’s of Sanford Agricultural Marketplace will serve as a farmer’s market where the community can access affordable, fresh and local foods.

In anticipation of the beginning of the holiday season, the council approved the temporary closure of certain city streets on Sunday, December 5, for the fireworks show that will follow the lighting of the Christmas Tree. The closures will occur from 6 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. on Second Street at the intersections of Maple, Fulton, and Hickory, and on Market Street at the intersections of Maple and Hickory.