Patrick Touchard (left), co-owner of Black Forest Logistics, and Todd Showalter were already working on disaster relief collections Monday in the parking lot of St. Luke United Methodist Church in Sanford.

A group of parishioners at St. Luke United Methodist Church in Sanford has organized an emergency relief drive for residents of western Kentucky after a series of tornadoes devastated the area.

Patrick Touchard and Todd Showalter were moved to organize the drive after seeing the destruction over the weekend. The pair, along with plenty of others from the church at 2916 Wicker St., got a truck from Touchard’s Black Forest Logistics into the parking lot, where anyone interested in making a donation can drop supplies.

Touchard said he plans to leave for Kentucky “bright and early Wednesday morning,” so any supplies should be in by Tuesday at 8 p.m. That said, he expects this to be the first of many runs west, so if people can’t donate before Tuesday, they’ll have other opportunities.

Church member Susan Laudate said volunteers will be on site to collection donations from 3 to 8 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday, although those coming at other times are welcome to drop supplies off in the staging area near the truck.

The following is a list of supplies the church is seeking:

Pillows, toothbrushes and toothpaste, sanitary wipes/baby wipes, deodorant, socks, undergarments, toilet paper, tissue, light blankets and sheets, shower shoes, sunglasses and hats, gloves, scarves, knit caps, hand moisturizer, disposable diapers, flashlights and headlamps, hand tools, hammers, screws, tarps, gas cans, water containers and bottles, brooms, mops, plastic buckets, squeegees, multi-tools, cleaning supplies, spray bottles, shop rags, band-aids, topical antiseptics, gauze, bug repellent, insecticide, paper plates, cups, plastic ware, trash bags, chewing gum, mints, water flavoring, paper, pencils and pens, magic markers or chalk, batteries, phone chargers and cables, and solar chargers