The City of Sanford and North Carolina Department of Transportation are preparing for a large winter storm expected to hit the western and central parts of North Carolina on Sunday. For Sanford, the forecast is calling for snow that transitions into freezing rain, bringing a “potentially significant event that could lead to power outages for large percentage of residents,” according to a city press release.

The state has deployed trucks to brine major highways and important roads like Horner Boulevard. Crews have also been prepped their trucks with chainsaws and other tools to help downed trees from the expected ice. In Sanford, snow plows have been readied with new blades, and backhoes have been prepped to help removing trees.

According to the press release, the city will only plow city-owned and maintained streets that have greater than an inch of snow or ice. Otherwise, a mixture of salt and sand will be used to treat other roads.

Graphic: National Weather Service

More to know in preparation for Sunday’s storm:

Photo: Courtesy of Dallas Brogden, from 2018 snow storm in Sanford