Downtown’s Hudson Hornet mural in 2017. Two new murals have been announced by the city.

Sanford city government has announced two new downtown murals and is accepting proposals from artists interested in helping create them.

One mural, located at 329 Carthage St., will commemorate local racing legend J.D. McDuffie and his pit crew.

The second, planned for 212 Carthage St.,  will celebrate musician Floyd Council, whose name partially inspired British rock legends Pink Floyd. Council is buried in Sanford. South Carolina blues musician Pink Anderson – the other half of the name Pink Floyd – will also be included.

The city’s Appearance Commission is currently accepting proposals from artists. They should be submitted by 5 p.m. on April 22, and must be from either North Carolina residents, or artists who were raised in North Carolina.

Read the mural RFPs at the city’s website.