A Congressional map approved by the legislature last week was thrown out and replaced on Wednesday by a panel of Superior Court judges, the News & Observer has reported.

With the move, Lee County now finds itself in the state’s 9th District, along with all of Chatham, Randolph, Moore, Hoke, and Scotland counties, and parts of Harnett, Cumberland and Richmond counties.

The North Carolina Congressional map drawn by a Special Master and ordered for the 2022 election by a panel of three Superior Court judges.

Observers seem to be indicating that the district is likely to lean Republican, although News & Observer reporter Will Doran noted on Twitter some factors which could make it potentially competitive under the right conditions:

Like last week, the N&O’s report indicates the decision still isn’t final. From the story:

This isn’t necessarily the end, however. Appeals to the Supreme Court are due by the end of the day — which could take the case down the wire, or potentially even delay the 2022 primary elections. Those are currently scheduled for May 17, which means that candidate filing is scheduled to begin in just one day, on Thursday morning, unless the court orders a delay.

Although the court threw out the Congressional maps, maps for the state House and state Senate approved by the legislature last week will be used for the 2022 election.