A T-Mobile billboard in the Northview area of Hawkins Avenue touts the cell phone company’s coverage of Stanford, a California-based elite private university which requires SAT scores in the mid 1400s and is located nearly 2,800 miles from Sanford, North Carolina.

Eagle-eyed reader Jake Wells of Sanford brought The Rant’s attention to the presence of the billboard, which faces the northbound lane of Hawkins Avenue just past the traffic circles at the U.S. 1 interchange.

In 2021, The Rant reported on a misspelled road sign at Cool Springs Road and Boone Trail Road. The sign was corrected within six days of our report, setting up a goalpost if T-Mobile’s advertising arm wants to prove the private sector can respond to this kind of coverage quicker than the public sector is able.

In any case, Come Join the Band!