Lee County government on Wednesday announced a reorganization with multiple staffers moving into new roles.

Citing planned and recent strategic investments such as the new library slated for O.T. Sloan Park and the Multi-Sportsplex, county leadership announced “organizational improvements to enhance support for departments, provide additional project oversight, and meet the needs of the public.”

Those include two full-time assistant county manager positions dedicated to supporting designated internal departments.

Lisa Minter, former assistant county manager/finance director, is now assistant county manager of governmental support, and Deputy County Attorney/Clerk to the Board of Commissioners Jennifer Gamble is now the assistant county manager of operational services.

Candace Iceman, previously assistant finance director, has taken on the role of finance director and Jen Waterhouse, formerly the fiscal recovery manager, has taken on the role of assistant finance director while continuing fiscal recovery responsibilities.

Hailey Hall, formerly the county’s communications specialist, was appointed clerk to the board of commissioners and will continue to provide communications support.

“The county has been preparing for upcoming growth and part of that preparation has been a succession plan and developing internal talent to take on additional leadership and management roles,” said County Manager Dr. John Crumpton. “I’m excited for these individuals who have stepped up and agreed to take on these responsibilities, and I know each will do a great job.”

The Board of Commissioners also took action on August 8 to designate a position for a deputy county attorney along with a position to assist the current pre-trial coordinator.