A motorist who drove into a pond in west Sanford Tuesday afternoon was saved by two witnesses who jumped into the water and swam to retrieve him.

Nick Jones of Sanford was near the intersection of Wilkins Drive and Old Carbonton Road around 4 p.m. behind a motorist who drove into the pond after apparently missing a stop sign. Jones stopped his truck and went into the pond, largely surrounded by the Porches subdivision, and swam over to the vehicle in order to help. Jones told The Rant that nearby resident Ryan Mauldin also jumped into the pond to help get the unidentified driver out of his car and out of the water and to the shore.

Jones’ wife Tracy posted about the incident on Facebook:


Jones said he “expected the worst” after seeing the car was sinking into the water.

“I really didn’t think,” he said. “It was kind of that quintessential thing, I saw a car in the water, and knew someone was in it. You gotta go find out if you can help. I asked if he could climb out of his passenger window.”

Jones said he and Mauldin helped bring the driver, who Jones said seemed dazed, to the pond’s shore and waited for other emergency responders. It appears no one suffered any serious injuries, and the vehicle was pulled from the pond not long after first responders arrived.

Source: Anthony Cochrane (Facebook)