Common Thread, a nonprofit which raises money for various causes in Lee County, will hold an open house on December 4.

Located at 234 Carthage Street in Sanford, Common Thread’s volunteers weave various items by hand, which they then sell to raise money for area causes. The members vote annually on which cause to raise money for, and this year’s nonprofit has not been selected. In the past, Common Thread has made sizable donations to HAVEN in Lee County, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Carolina, the Breadbasket, Christians United Outreach Center, and more.

“We don’t give money outside Lee County,” member Faye Cress told The Rant.

According to Cress, the event will run from 1 to 4 p.m., and attendees will have an opportunity to win gift cards and purchase items made from donated materials – many of which are recycled – including tote bags, placemats and more.

“We try to help the ecology as well as the economy,” Cress said.