Lee County was moved to a new 13th Congressional District after state lawmakers approved a new Congressional map in the latest round of redistricting.

The new 13th District includes all of Lee, Harnett, Johnston, Franklin, Person and Caswell counties, as well as portions of Wake and Granville counties. The current 13th District incumbent is Democrat Wiley Nickel of Wake County, but the reconfigured map is considered heavily Republican-leaning, making it unlikely that Wiley will retain the seat.

There is no current Republican incumbent anywhere in the new 13th District, meaning it’s virtually guaranteed Lee County will have a freshman representative in the next Congress.

The district’s shape is a sort of backwards C stretching from Lee County in the extreme south to Caswell County on the state’s Virginia border via an extremely slim portion of Wake County.

Lee had previously been in the old 9th District, which included all of Chatham, Randolph, Moore, Hoke, and Scotland counties and parts of Harnett, Richmond and Cumberland counties. Republican Richard Hudson, who lives in Moore County, currently holds the seat and is likely to retain it in the new 9th District. Neighboring Chatham County is now split between the 4th and 9th districts.

Lee County’s districts in the new state legislative maps remain largely if not entirely unchanged, with House District 51 (incumbent Republican John Sauls) including all of Lee and parts of Moore County, while Senate District 12 (incumbent Republican Jim Burgin) contains Lee and Harnett counties and a part of Sampson County.