It’s our fault, really. When former WCNC anchorman and North Carolina’s own Penn Holderness and his family gave us “Xmas Jammies” this holiday season, we watched it … 13.7 million of us watched it, in fact. It was a fun little video from an attractive couple with cute kids, and we all smiled and nodded, and all was right in the world, and we all moved on.

But then, a little over a month later, “Xmas Jammies 2” happened. And it wasn’t really about Xmas Jammies … it was about men not looking cool in cool clothes. And much fewer of us watched it (about 54,000), and said OK, and we cringed, and we moved on.

The family is back this week with #snOMG, Snow Day the Musical, and I guess this is a thing now. Every month, the family will sing about what’s trendy at the time (look, Bob Costas has pink eye!), and once a month, Penn and Co. will appear multiple times in your social media feed.

Get used to it, N.C. Hey, look, an earthquake just hit Augusta, Ga. … you’re on the clock,!

(we kid … we love you, guys .. but seriously, stop it)