WRAL posted a story this week about a Sanford photographer who had duped up to 10 customers who’d paid her more than $9,000 combined for photos they never got.

Photographer Bonnie Maness, owner of Everglow Studio in Sanford, was brought to WRAL’s attention by Jael Vasquez, who said she paid $2,500 for wedding photos from Maness. According to WRAL, while Vasquez was on her honeymoon, Maness posted four photos on her Facebook page.

“And that’s it,” Vasquez said. “Those were the only ones that we have.”

You might think Everglow is one of those I-have-photoshop-and-a-decent-camera-so-suddenly-I’m-a-professional-photographer type of studios, but the website tells a different story. Maness is listed as one of three photographers there, and according to the photos posted on the site … it’s not terrible. Some are quite good, in fact.

According to WRAL, Maness blamed the problems on a falling out with a former co-worker. While she is still listed on the website (as of April 25), Maness says she is no longer in the photography business.