Judging solely by their public social media presence, the Sanford [Buffalo Lakes area] couple arrested recently for allegedly running a child porn production operation from their home come off as fun, caring parents of two young boys.

But the charges levied against B.J. and Elizabeth Mills — accused of using a daycare and mentoring program as a front for their alleged crimes — are “very disturbing,” Harnett County Detective Brad Byrd told WRAL Monday.

B.J. Mills, who was arrested in 2000 for sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl and in January of this year for having sex with a 13-year-old girl and has been convicted three times on charges related to sexual contact with children, reportedly created the program “to attract young girls to his residence and to create a relationship with their parents,” according to WRAL. He then offered the girls money to have sex with men he contacted through various social media sites. The operation reportedly involved 10 boys and girls, ranging in ages fro 1 to 14. Investigators realized they had a much bigger case after going through Mills’ computer and cell phone after his January arrest.

Elizabeth Mills has been charged with 2nd degree sexual exploitation of a minor, which according to the state district attorney’s office, means that she allegedly “recorded, photographed, filmed, developed, duplicated or sold a visual representation depicting a minor (younger than 18) engaged in sexual activity.” Three other men were arrested along with the Mills — Fort Bragg soldier Sgt. 1st Class Jordan Busse, 29; Rashawn Jackson, 20; and Tommy Wall, who was arrested Tuesday after police released his photo to the media on Monday.

As of Tuesday, Elizabeth Mills’ Facebook page was still public and much of her content was visible to everyone. From 2010 to 2013, her posts consisted mostly of photos of her, B.J. Mills and their two young boys — trimming the tree at Christmas, playing at the playground, raking the yard, visiting grandparents and other typical family moments. Elizabeth Mills also posted several status updates about protecting children, raising them right and preserving their innocence.

Her Facebook posts ended in January, around the time of her husband’s most recent arrest before this week.





According to WRAL, investigators have not stated whether the couples’ boys were victims of their parents’ illegal activities.

Both B.J. and Elizabeth Mills remain in Harnett County Jail on a $500,000 bond.