It’s not every single day that Sanford shows up in the New Republic, a left-leaning, DC-based magazine about American politics. But that’s what happened this week, when the 100-year-old publication profiled Clay Aiken’s bid to unseat Congresswoman Renee Ellmers.

140205-clay-aiken-congressThe article quotes Aiken as saying the campaign trail was putting weight on him as he ordered a helping of banana pudding from the recently-burned Fairview Dairy Bar, that he thinks of old friend Donald Trump as his “Tea Party-supporting uncle,” details the financial contributions Aiken has received from famous friends, and reminds us of Ellmers’ spokesperson not-so-subtly referencing Aiken’s lifestyle with her quip that his views “more closely resemble San Francisco than Sanford.”

Regardless of your views or who you plan to vote for in November, it’s an interesting read about an interesting wrinkle in North Carolina politics. View the full article here.