crying-tears-toddler-sad-baby-unhappyBuzz officially harshed.

Downtown Sanford Inc. has announced that a food truck rodeo apparently set for Sunday had been planned months ago but “did not materialize” and will not happen.

That’s right, Sanford foodies, if you want your lunch to be handed to you from inside something with wheels this Sunday, you’ll have to go to the fair.

Yesterday, the Rant reported that a food truck rodeo was on DSI’s event calendar for this Sunday. Today, DSI commented the following on the Rant’s Facebook page:

“The Food Truck Rodeo was planned as part of the Second Sunday event months ago, but according to organizers did not materialize. It has now been removed from the DSI calendar. There is still interest in possibly doing a food truck rodeo in the future.”

So they’re still toying with our emotions by giving hope. But if the online response to the Rant’s initial post is any indication, there’s plenty of appetite for a food truck event in the Brick City. Make it so.