This website turns a year old this month, and one year into it, we’re still trying to figure out what exactly this site is.

The Rant as you know it today began as somewhat of a middle finger after our radio show was infamously booted from the airwaves for its well-thought-out criticisms of a now former state representative. But something happened in that first month that gave The Rant some legitimacy … it began breaking some pretty big news. From the Grace Chapel embezzlement investigation to a local commissioner’s unfortunate use of the word “libtard”,  ye ol’ Rant was picking up readers and views well before it prepared to take the site seriously.

Throughout 2014, we earned more than 120,000 views. You can view our official WordPress Annual Report here.

Our busiest day of the year was Oct. 14 with 5,701 views. The most popular post that day was Troubled MMA fighter attended high school in Sanford. Our most viewed single story was about a man who was (many believe wrongly) arrested for allegedly helping his brother after his brother was accused of murder.

The Rant is by no means a full-time project. We post when we can or when we feel there is relevant news. Our hope in 2015 is to post more often and to include more content from others. Those who want to submit a story, a column or an idea — we’ll consider it and do what we can to publish it. Our focus is this part of the state, but if it’s interesting and unique, we don’t care where it’s from.

Thank you for your views, and here’s to more of them in 2015.