Lee, Harnett, Chatham, and Moore counties would see an infusion of more than $18 million in renovations and upgrades to various facilities, institutions and state parks under the bond package proposed Monday by Republicans in the state House.

Both McCrory and House leaders are calling for a multi-billion bond package to be voted on at a special statewide election in November. McCrory’s proposal is more transportation heavy; the House proposal commits the vast majority of funds to infrastructure projects, the News & Observer reported. Neither measure has been voted on by a full chamber, but a House committee moved a version of the bill forward on Tuesday. Senate leadership has been coy about its willingness to consider either.

That’s a long way of saying that right now, this is all wildly irresponsible speculation. Still, it’s fun to look at how the region may benefit if voters eventually made this particular proposal law.

The biggest lump of money – $4.8 million – would go to Central Carolina Community College for new construction, repairs and renovations. CCCC serves Lee, Chatham and Harnett counties.

Here is a breakdown of the other county-specific projects:


$2.1 million for the Sanford National Guard Armory


$4 million for Jordan Lake State Recreation Area

$1.7 million for the Deep River State Trail

$271,000 for the Lower Haw River Natural Area


$1.5 million for Raven Rock State Park


$3.4 million for new construction, repairs and renovation at Sandhills Community College

$571,000 for renovations to the Weymouth Woods State Natural Area