Last night, The Rant reported that the building that caught fire on South Horner Boulevard in Sanford Monday was – despite rampant Internet speculation – not a future Starbucks cafe. Earlier that afternoon, The Sanford Herald reported the building was rumored to be a Starbucks, while ABC11 made no bones about it in calling it a Starbucks.

The Herald followed up today on Facebook by saying that yes, Virginia, it was a Starbucks. Or will be.

So who’s right? The Rant? The Herald? Steve Harvey?

Maybe we all are, Brenda. Maybe we all are.

STARBUCKS UPDATE: A company spokesman from Starbucks, the coffee company and coffeehouse chain, has confirmed to The…

Posted by The Sanford Herald on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

On its Facebook post today, The Herald cited a “company spokesman from Starbucks” confirming that the building that suffered damage in the Monday afternoon blaze will one day be home to the popular coffee chain.

Last night, The Rant reported the building will house a mattress store (the business name was not confirmed, but suggested to be a Mattress Firm Clearance store). The first source was the Sanford Fire Department fire marshal, and his comments were double checked at the website for InSite Real Estate, owner of the building in question at 2905 South Horner. (The link will take you to an April 15, 2015, press release stating the Mattress Firm will be anchoring that building … on the side that caught fire).

So our reporting was correct. Mostly.

We also stated that there will not be a Starbucks at that location. That’s where the details get murky.

A source from the City of Sanford’s planning department told The Rant today that the building will have multiple tenants, and the other side is being built to accommodate a future restaurant with drive-through capabilities. That could very well mean Starbucks, only Starbucks hasn’t officially filed paperwork with the city. “Officially” is the key word. Some paperwork has been filed, according to another source with the city.

Eric Uebelhor, project manager for InSite Real Estate told The Rant in an email today, “We do not have a tenant for the second space at this time. It’s currently being built as spec space, and we are working to get it leased.”

Does this mean no Starbucks?


Does this mean we were incorrect in our reporting?


Should we have flat-out said no Starbucks?

Nah. S’pose not.

So let the debate continue, Sanford. In the meantime, get to know our many fine local coffee shops – Java Express, Karma, Roasted and Toasted to name a few.