Lee County Commissioner Andre Knecht, who came under fire after the Rant reported that he’d shared an anti-Muslim Facebook meme, continues to be active on Facebook despite not answering questions about the controversy.

Knecht, a Republican who represents parts of southern Lee County, was not available to answer questions about the meme he shared on Feb. 2 regarding the bathroom habits of Muslims in general from either the Sanford Herald (subscription required) or WTVD.

Despite being unavailable to offer an explanation to either outlet, Knecht has taken to the heavily conservative Facebook group Sanford/Lee County Truthseekers multiple times since the post was discovered to share various right-wing stories, including one from a noted “fake news” site, http://www.usherald.com.

One of the posts attacks “liberals” for “liv(ing) with parents” and being unemployed, while another calls liberalism a “mental disorder.” The story from the fake news site uses a dubiously-sourced piece about something that allegedly took place in Sweden as the basis for a sensational-but-highly-questionable headline linking the freezing deaths of veterans to the admission of Muslim refugees.

It’s unclear if the shared links are a part of Knecht’s response to the meme controversy or are just a part of his daily routine.