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Beer is many things. And you don’t often get to start a story by saying that. 

One of those things is muscle relaxant. When consumed in moderation, beer can loosen you up. Reduce your stress levels a bit. Make you forget stuff.

Yoga stretches your muscles. It also reduces your stress levels and is the reason we now have yoga pants.

Someone was bound to marry beer and yoga. And you won’t be shocked to learn that Germans were the first to make it trendy. That trend has gone global, and now it’s a bi-weekly event at Libations, Sanford’s newest purveyor of fine wine and craft beers.

“Pints and Poses” invites yoga newcomers and enthusiasts alike to take part in two hours of drinking, socializing and, of course, stretching and finding your inner warrior. Michelle Morie, who pitched the idea shortly after Libations opened last fall, says adding alcohol (you can do wine if beer isn’t your thing) to the mix does more than make the yoga itself a unique experience, it helps topple barriers that prevent some people from doing yoga in a public or social setting.

“For someone who’s never done yoga, but has thought about trying it, this may be the place to start,” said Morie, one of four instructors on rotation for the class. “Often, it’s intimidating to be a complete novice at yoga or any form of exercise. A person may want to see if yoga is beneficial to them, but they just can’t get at ease enough to try it. Hosting events like this in non-traditional space like Libations or a brewery can be more inviting or welcoming. And then the extra incentive of a pint along with the exercise might close the deal.”

Cost for one session is $10, and that covers your hour-long yoga session and one pint of beer (or glass of wine). Sign-up begins at 6, and the yoga starts at 6:30. The final half-hour is for socializing and coming up with beer-related puns for yoga poses. We like “downward facing lager.” 

The next “Pints and Poses” is scheduled for 6 p.m. on March 20, followed by April 3, April 17 and May 1. For more information or to reserve a mat space, call (919) 292-1629. Reservations are not required, but space is limited.