After appearing briefly in last week’s episode of Municipal Equation, a bi-weekly podcast about municipal issues from the North Carolina League of Municipalities, Sanford Mayor Chet Mann and the city of Sanford’s public art initiative will be the focus of the next episode, according to a preview released Tuesday.

Listen to the two minute preview below:

Podcast host Ben Brown teases the episode, which will be released March 28, by saying “a city government facilitates a functional public art initiative, merging aesthetics and creative thinking with history, identity, and private business.”

The preview also includes some positive feedback from the community.

“See that right there? That brings that building out,” one unnamed resident says in the preview. “It makes a statement. The building was plain; now it says something.”

The episode is apparently the result of a downtown mural walking tour Brown took in Sanford on March 8, according to Mann’s Facebook page.