The co-founders of The Rant are in the final stages of forming a limited liability company, which when official, will operate the site and all Rant-related business moving forward.

LPH Media LLC will be run by Gordon Anderson, Billy Liggett and Jonathan Owens, three handsome former Sanford-area journalists who launched The Rant as a weekly radio show in 2008. That show ran for several years on 90.5 FM, a nonprofit station run by Central Carolina Community College, before it was infamously “kicked off the air” in 2013 by a prolific writer of The Bachelor fan fiction.

In January 2014, the Rant relaunched as this news site, which is followed by thousands of adoring and indifferent fans alike. The Rant has broken multiple important local stories which went on to appear in other media outlets, including the revelation that elevated levels of toxic chemicals had been detected in some local wells, Sanford City Councilman Charles Taylor’s ticket for allegedly passing a stopped school bus, Lee County Commissioner Andre Knecht’s bigoted Facebook post about Muslims, allegations of domestic violence against a member of the Sanford Housing Authority, and fruit-smashing comedian Gallagher’s upcoming appearance at the local theater (hey, there’s still time for some traction on the deeply relevant Gallagher piece).

“Forming an LLC, obviously, allows us a paradigm shift, if you will, that we otherwise weren’t able to formulate under our former modus operandi,” said Liggett. “This isn’t rightshoring, per se, but rather leveraging a best practice, at the end of the day. It’s all about core competency. Moving the needle. Opening the kimono, in layman’s terms. It’s not about making hay … it makes us scalable in the long term. Synergy.”

“Readers should not worry, though,” added Anderson. “We will stay focused on deliverables.”