The blood hasn’t dried in Las Vegas after last night’s worst mass shooting in U.S. history that killed at least 58 people and injured at least 200 more, but North Carolina State Sen. Ronald Rabin found it appropriate today to criticize “gun control advocates” and blame the shooting on “media and video games.”

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Rabin — the Republican state senator who represents Lee, Harnett and Johnston counties — posted his thoughts on Facebook and Twitter around 1 p.m. today, asking if “gun controls (sic) would have stopped this nut case?” and calling shooter Stephen Paddock’s motives “another canard” (meaning: “unfounded rumor” or “hoax”).

“Domestic terrorism motives vary,” Rabin wrote, “but the constant factor in domestic terrorism is our increasingly dysfunctional and divided society served up daily doses of violence through media and video games. … The only people who will lose guns to gun control are we law abiders.”

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Rabin, of course, isn’t alone in offering statements on guns and politics today. The North Carolina Democratic Party issued a statement today that also brought up gun control: “Our leaders here in North Carolina and across the country must find the courage needed to confront this scourge and the resolve necessary to fight it.”

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NCDP Statement released today

Perhaps the oddest, strongest “take” today came courtesy of former State Representative, satellite enthusiast and friend of The Rant Mike Stone, who found a way to bash protesting NFL players in his Vegas post.

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