A Facebook post making the rounds in the last 36 hours warns Lee County High School students who park their vehicles in the parking lot of the Sanford Square shopping center across from the school that their cars will be towed if they continue to do so.

Sanford-based Paradise Towing & Recovery said in the “FAIR WARNING” post that they’ve been contracted by something called Azzella Properties to tow vehicles after October 16. The post asks for help spreading the word.

On any given school day, dozens of student vehicles can be seen parked in the lot, presumably by students who wish to avoid paying for a parking permit, which according to the student handbook costs $80.

The shopping center is home to a Food Lion, the Cafe Vesuvio restaurant, and a few other small shops. County tax records list Asheville-based Chr Sanford Square LLC as the owner. Its use for student parking has been discussed as a safety concern in some circles since earlier this year, when former Lee County Commissioner Kirk D. Smith (R-PB&J) managed to turn the topic toward race. Thanks for that, Kirk.

Anyway, if your kid parks there, you might want to tell them to stop.

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