We’re a little over two weeks away from Christmas, guys and gals, which means you’re officially procrastinating if you haven’t gotten that special something for the special someone by now.

Lucky for us humans, there’s always jewelry. About a fourth of us (26 percent) have bought or are planning to buy jewelry as a Christmas gift this season, up from 18 percent just five years ago. Unfortunately, it’s one of the most-returned items each year, too.

So, know what you’re buying and know who you’re buying from. Also, know the trends.

Lora Wright, owner of Southern Jewelers in Downtown Sanford, says the rose gold — a trend that began in 2014 and isn’t fading any time soon — has been a huge seller for her this year. Her business at 143 South Steele St. has pieces with morganite (another current trend) and diamonds set in rose gold (photos and prices shown below).

Other big deals include diamond earrings for $69.99 and an 18-inch pearl necklace for $40 (with a free pair of matching pearl earrings).

“Diamond engagement rings in white or yellow gold are selling great, too,” Wright said. “We have a huge selection on those and a wide price range, too.”

See more at Southern Jewelers’ Facebook page or call (919) 774-7007.
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