You hit an age — or maybe a point in life — where snow days just aren’t as magical as they were in your youth.

I enjoyed about 90 minutes of last week’s winter blast — most of that time spent sledding with my kids and admiring the falling snowflakes and fresh sheet of powder in the front yard before it was marred by footprints and sludge.

The other 10,000 minutes of last week were hell. Kids with cabin fever and no desire to bathe, get dressed or pick up after themselves. Snow-caked boots and pants piling up by the front door. Dirt everywhere. Un-touched work piling up after a two-week Christmas vacation. Cold air creeping in through every un-insulated part of the house. The damn dog leaving the back door open — erasing two hours worth of the gas it took to heat the house.

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I hated it. Snow days suck. We pretend they’re great, for the kids’ sake, but in truth — we weren’t meant to stay home and not go outside. We were meant for greater things.

So here we go again, Sanford. Inexplicably, we’re going to get the brunt of tomorrow’s winter storm. It’ll start about 4 a.m. and run through noon. We could get up to 5 inches — about the same amount we got last week.

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The bright side? Highs Thursday and Friday will be in the mid- to upper-40s. It might be warm enough to melt the snow and make it a quick memory. It’ll be 60s by Sunday.

Still, we’re not excited about this. Not in the least.