Consistent with multiple forecasts and our own petulant premonitions, snow began falling on Sanford and Lee County around 9 a.m. Wednesday and was still coming down as of 11 a.m. Some models show the white stuff coming down until as late as 8 or 9 p.m.

Area schools had announced their closures yesterday, and on Wednesday morning many businesses were following suit. As usual, law enforcement and other first responders issued pleas to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary.

If all this feels like deja vu, take some solace in the fact that the high tomorrow is 45 degrees, followed by a weekend in the upper 50s. In other words, we’re getting dumped on, but it should melt pretty fast.

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Here are some early shots of the snow. If you have any of your own, share them with us and we’ll add to the gallery below. That said, we agree with the first responders’ recommendation: Stay off the roads unless you’ve absolutely got to be out, and even then, give it some thought. Don’t risk your neck or someone else’s just for the glamour and adulation that comes from having your name in the Rant. Safety first, gang.