Mature man looking at his reflection in mirror

(Note: This post was part of our 2018 April Fools’ coverage and is very obviously a joke.)

Lee County GOP Chairman and former county Commissioner Jim Womack is toying with the idea of keeping the experimental mustache he’s grown over the past couple of weeks, he recently announced via Facebook.

“I am supremely confident in the quality, both in color and structure, of this growth,” Womack told the Rant via e-mail. “Top to bottom, it is a solid facial styling that projects power but can be quickly discarded should the need arise. I am strongly considering keeping it.”

Adding that he would not “impose (his) will on Republican office holders and party faithful,” Womack added that his decision would not become mandatory for visitors to the local party’s Steele Street headquarters until 2020.

“We are grossly lacking mustaches in Lee County,” he continued. “Drain the swamp.”

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