So it’s election season again, and even though there are only two contests in Lee County – a Republican primary in the fourth county commissioner district and a Democratic primary for the state’s sixth congressional district – you’ve probably noticed the emergence of campaign yard signs as you travel roadways across the region.

Virtually all of the signs you’ll see around Lee County are for one of these two races, obviously. But one sign along U.S. 1 at the Wicker Street on ramp might seem confusing to the average Lee Countian.

“Matt Scott – District Attorney – Veteran, Servant, Leader,” the sign reads. It’s confusing because Lee County’s district attorney, Vernon Stewart, isn’t on the ballot again until 2020.

Thankfully, we have Google, which reveals that Matt Scott is running for district attorney in Robeson County, a good 40-some miles from the location in Lee County where some wayward campaign volunteer apparently placed this sign. If someone in Robeson County wanted to retrieve it for use where it might do some good, it’s unlikely anyone here would object.

That being said, because we know so little about this race other than it appears the winner will become Robeson’s next DA by default (Scott faces fellow Democrat Joseph Osman in the primary, and there’s no Republican on the November ballot), it seems like a good opportunity for the Rant to make a reckless, uninformed endorsement. Given his efforts in Lee County, we choose Matt Scott.

Early voting across North Carolina continues through Saturday, May 5. Election Day is May 8.

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