Britton Buchanan has done everything he can to win The Voice. From opening Season 14 with “Trouble” to ending it tonight with a fiery rendition of “Good Lovin” … that’s it. Sure, he’ll perform during the three-hour finale Tuesday night (he’s even scheduled to duet with pop star Ryan Adams), but it’ll just be icing on the cake. If Britton is “The Voice,” he won it tonight. If not … still, that was a hell of a ride.

Watch below for videos and social media from tonight’s show. There’s nothing we can add in form of analysis or review that we haven’t already said before. Britton’s a talented young kid with star quality. He showed that again tonight — perhaps my favorite performance of the entire season was his closer … a classic that he goofed around on and had way too much fun with for a guy who’s supposed to be “sweating” the finale.

But we will say “Thank you,” because if Britton’s been anything during the last three months, it’s authentic. More than anyone, he’s made it a point to pay homage to his hometown and his family and friends who’ve guided him to this point. He did it again tonight — and we watched from an enthusiastic Lee County High School auditorium that a few months earlier, saw him as Danny in “Grease.”

Sanford, North Carolina, doesn’t always have the brightest light shone on it. Often, that’s deserved. It’s no “Cary” … nor should it be. It’s got way more character. Plus, it’s a hell of a town that has a lot going for it, and the young man in tonight’s Voice finale made it a point at least a half-dozen times during this season (in front of millions) to point out the good in his hometown.

It’s appreciated. So go, #TeamBritton.

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On to the show:

Good Lovin

Y’all ready for this? The answer is yes … this was fun. It gets nuts at the 1:00 mark, and the highlight is the dramatic pause at about the 2:15 mark.

Wake Me Up

This is the second time Britton’s had the opportunity to perform live with the great Alicia Keys (and the first time by himself). Forgive us for watching her during this one. She’s Alicia Keys.

Where You Come From

Ballsy to bring out an original in your finale. Fortunately, it worked. Great line about finding God in the backseat of a stranger’s used car … the kid is multidimensional.  And he wrote it in chemistry class.

Some social media ...