UPDATE: 2:30 p.m. Monday
Just saw this come across Twitter. Ryan Adams says he’ll be performing a duet with Britton Buchanan Tuesday night.

UPDATE: 2:38 p.m. Monday
The City of Sanford and Downtown Sanford Inc. have announced that tonight’s watch party will officially be moved to Lee County High School because of expected bad weather.


It’s been a hell of a ride, but regardless of the outcome Tuesday night, Britton Buchanan’s ride on The Voice — which began for him last fall and for viewers back in February — will come to an end.

His hometown will gather tonight (either in Depot Park or Lee County High School if the expected rain heads this way) for one final watch party — details here — and a winner will be chosen Tuesday night.

Below is everything you need to know heading into the The Voice’s two-night finale. The Rant will post a recap of tonight’s show and party later tonight.


As we understand it (and look, we don’t understand everything), Britton and the other three finalists will each perform three songs tonight, two solos and a duet. The Idol Forums, which have been a fairly reliable source on this show throughout the season, has listed the three songs Britton is expected to perform tonight.

One of them is an original, which Britton teased on Twitter Saturday:

According to the forum online, Britton’s original song will be “Where You Come From,” of which a potato-quality version can be found on YouTube where Britton is seen performing with Temple Theatre veteran Grace Bell in 2017.

The forum lists these as his other performances tonight. Take this information with a grain of salt … believe it or not, the internet has been known to be wrong on occasion.

Solo: Good Lovin’ by The Rascals
Duet: Wake Me Up by Avicii

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Let’s preface this little bit by stating that whether he’s first or fourth tonight, Britton’s journey on this show has been nothing short of spectacular. And fun to watch.

That said, there are websites that go deep, deep into these shows, and one in particular, GoldDerby, regularly places odds on each show. The finale is no different.

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 1.19.29 PM

According to the site, 15-year-old Brynn Cartelli has the best odd of winning (6/5), which Britton and Kyla Jade each at 3/1 odds. Spensha Baker looks to be the longshot.

The winner of The Voice reportedly takes home a $100,000 check and a record deal with Universal Music Group, considered one of the “Big 3” in the music business. All four finalists — and certainly even a handful from the Top 24 this year — will have a record deal of some sort when this is all over.

What does Britton have going for him this week? First, he’s the only guy left. He personally knocked two men in the Top 6 with last week’s Instant Save on Twitter. If this all comes down to America’s vote, it’s likely Britton (and country artist Spensha) will pick up those votes that went to Pryor and Kaleb in previous weeks. He’s also been a fan favorite since Day 1 this season — Britton has yet to tank a performance or come away with anything but high praise from the coaches. Plus one big plus on his side — Britton has not only the backing of his coach Alicia Keys, but also Adam Levine.

The two have a combined 40 million followers on Twitter.

What’s going against Britton? As the odds site GoldDerby pointed out, “since the Instant Save made its debut in Season 6, no artist advancing to the finale by this method has ever won. In fact, they all finished in last place in their finales.”

So, there’s that. Plus, The Voice hasn’t had near the success of American Idol when it comes to post-show success of its artists. Brynn Cartelli, of the four, appears to be the most “pop star ready” and marketable — so perhaps she wins because of the potential. Not that that’s fair to Britton, who could certainly go the Ed Sheeran route and kill it in the music business, but it is what it is.

Our prediction: Britton wins, with 2 million votes from Sanford alone. 



There have been plenty of these throughout Britton’s run, and there’s one more tonight (plus a few Tuesday night events). Hosted by Sanford Mayor Chet Mann and the City of Sanford, the fun will start at 6:30 p.m. in Depot Park (unless it rains, which then will move the part to 7 p.m. at Lee County High School). Show starts at 8 and ends at 10.

The event is expected to be covered by WRAL and other media outlets in the area and will include live performances by Nakia Latrelle, Ravenne Escobar and Joshua Konklin; food trucks and food and drinks from other local businesses.

Rain is expected tonight, so be prepared for the location change. For more information, contact Kelly Miller at (919) 777-1133 or kelly.miller@sanfordnc.net.


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