Every Friday through the end of 2018, the Rant will feature a dish that stands out among Lee County’s restaurant scene. We’ll usually focus on lunch, but there aren’t any rules – we just want to let you know (if you don’t already) about the many dining options we have that are owned and operated by people right here in Lee County. If you’ve never gotten a box of doughnuts at Sandra’s Bakery, we forgive you. There’s still time to make it right. This post is here to set you on the right path.

Doughnuts aren’t for lunch, say the haters. Doughnuts are only for breakfast, they say. Hogwash. Don’t listen to them. Doughnuts, of course, are great – maybe even best, when they’ve just come out of the fryer – for breakfast. But if you ignore your doctor’s orders, they’re great any time of the day. Come on, man. Sandra’s has options, and not just of the doughnut variety, but let’s be real. We know why you’re here.

THE DISH: One cardboard box filled with one dozen glazed doughnuts will run you a completely fair $9.31. It’s enough to feed your small army, or yourself if you’re working on saving some for later. But man, those doughnuts. Fluffy wheels of fried bread, coated in a sugar glaze (there are other varieties available, of course, but why get complicated when you don’t have to?). They go down too easy – we challenge you to find a soul on earth who can explain how something so airy can contain so many got dang calories. Stick to one or two every so often and you’ll be fine; make these a part of your daily and your daily might turn into dialysis eventually. Either way, we won’t judge – it would be hard as good as these are. If you’re less into the sharing thing and just want one, that’s not only reasonable but probably smart. One glazed (or any other variety) at Sandra’s will run you $1.08, and if you simply want a doughnut hole, you can get in and out for a quarter. Of course, you can pile up those holes, spend not nearly as much (a dozen holes will run you $2.21) and somehow feel better about yourself even though you’ve gotten just as much of that flavor. So totally avail yourself of that opportunity if you have the chance. We aren’t here to judge.

WHAT ELSE TO TRY: This is an instance like Scoops, where the simpler you stay the better. We won’t knock their list of “fancies:” danish, cinnamon rolls, something called “crittres,” which run $1.96 apiece, but the glazed doughnut is the star. Cream horns or croissants or cupcakes will run you the same $1.08 as a single doughnut, so if you’re feeling adventurous, go for it, but go for it knowing you’ll come back to the old standard on your next visit. Go ahead and get a cup of coffee for 98 cents or a cup of milk for $1.47, but that’s not why you’re here. The doughnuts reign supreme at Sandra’s.

Sandra’s Bakery is located at 225 Wicker St. in downtown Sanford and can be reached at (919) 775-1467. They are open from 5:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. from Tuesday through Saturday. Visit their Facebook page here.

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