Temple Theatre’s annual holiday production is going in a different direction this year — think of it as a 1940s radio production, only you (the audience) can see the magic happening from the studio’s fourth wall.

“It’s a Wonderful Life | A Live Radio Play” tells the same heart-warming story of George Bailey, a down-on-his-luck banker who finds out (spoiler alert) the world would be much worse off without him. This twist on the timeless classic, however, has the actors in a 1940s-era radio studio (IAWL is set in post-WWII 1946) speaking into vintage microphones and providing the sound effects from an guy behind a table stage left.

Adding to the Victrola feel are advertising jingles performed throughout — catchy tunes about local businesses such as Dossenbach’s and Wilkinson Cadillac.

Perhaps the highlight of the show will be the 20-second Rant jingle you’ll hear (we don’t know when, but you’ll hear it). Temple Theatre provided us with a preview of it this week, and we absolutely love it. Take a listen:

Expertise and timely stories
A slightly left-of-center slant
Restaurant reviews, big Sanford news
That’s what you’ll read on The Rant
The Raaaaaant

“It’s a Wonderful Life | A Live Radio Play” opens tonight and runs every Thursday through Sunday until Dec. 16. Directed by Peggy Taphorn with musical direction by James Clark Jr., IAWL stars Gus Allen as George Bailey, Stephen Moore as Clarence and Morgan Shearon as Mary Bailey. The cast includes about a dozen other voices and a bevy of child actors and singers who perform throughout.

Tickets run $15 and $27 and can be purchased here or at templeshows.com


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