Well, this is bizarre.

The Rant has been contacted by a French man in Seychelles, a nation of islands in the Indian Ocean east of Somalia and north of Madagascar, alleging that the Yo Love It frozen yogurt business on South Horner Boulevard – which opened earlier this year at the location of the former Sweet Frog franchise that had been closed for several months – is illegally using the name and logo from a similar business he owns on the other side of the world.

Steve Colas of Seychelles contacted the Rant on Friday and said he believed his “intellectual property” had been stolen.

“My shop was created in 2016 and run in Seychelles, and got the franchise process ready to be launched,” Colas told the Rant. “I got a very active page on Facebook where they copy our name and graphic design. I can see clearly my logo front of the shop. Without reply from them, I will put my lawyer on the case.”

We’ve left a message with the owner of Sanford’s Yo Love It and will update this post with his response to Colas’ claim if we receive one.

In any case, Colas’ claim to have been in business with that name and logo since 2016 seems to check out – a Facebook page for his business shows the same name and an extremely similar logo, and a TripAdvisor page for the business shows reviews dating back to December of that year.

“The logo and concept is protected. The logo was designed by a graphic design company that signed design transfer rights to me,” Colas told the Rant. “I’m sure he stole the design from Facebook popular frozen yogurt pages.”

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