Vernon Stewart, the top prosecutor for Lee and Harnett counties, will not seek another term as district attorney when filing opens in December, according to a report in The Dunn Daily Record.

From the Daily Record:

Vernon Stewart has served the people of District 11A as its chief prosecutor for nearly 10 years, but Stewart says he will not be seeking another term.

“At the end of my current term on Dec. 31, 2020, I will be retiring as district attorney for Harnett and Lee counties,” he said in a press release. “At that point I will have served as the district attorney for 10 of the 35 years I have practiced law.”

When asked about the decision, Stewart said he had a goal of spending 10 years in the office and now wants to establish a private practice.

“Upon my retirement from public service it is my intention to return to the private practice of law within the Dunn/Erwin area of Harnett County. I am tremendously grateful and appreciative for the opportunity to serve as the district attorney for this district.”

Filing for the 2020 elections begins at noon on Dec. 2. Read The Dunn Daily Record’s full story here (free registration required).

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