A seasonal storefront business in the Riverbirch Plaza shopping center that provides opportunities for families to create photos with Santa Claus at Christmas time had its plate glass windows broken out sometime Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

Charlotte Johns, the owner of Kringle & Kompany, said she was called by Sanford Police Wednesday morning after an officer discovered two windows at her shop broken out. Johns was unsure how the windows were broken, but speculated that a BB or pellet gun may have been used.

In a Facebook Live video, Johns said she wasn’t going to let the incident stop her and her daughter Kinsley Rae from opening up Wednesday and continuing to do business:


Wednesday afternoon, Johns had the windows boarded up and said she was grateful for help she had cleaning up. She added that she doesn’t have any malice toward whoever is responsible.

“We’re involved in the Scouting community, so we had help from some Scout friends cleaning up. They came over right away,” she said. “There’s no point being angry at whoever did this. We’re going to open up tonight just like usual.”

Sanford Police told The Rant that there have been an unusually high number of incidents recently involving windows at businesses being broken by apparent BB gun fire, although it’s unknown whether the cases are related. Since December 12, the Medicine Park Pharmacy at 100 Park Avenue, Magicias Tajeras at 101 Wicker St., Advance Auto at 936 N. Horner Blvd., Fabulous Finds at 201 N. Steele St., City Electric Supply at 817 Woodland Ave., and Dominion Energy at 800 N. Horner Blvd. have all made similar reports.

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