More tests yield negative results:

Four more coronavirus tests on Lee County residents have come back negative, The Rant has learned.

On Friday, when Lee County announced its first confirmed case of coronavirus, Lee County spokesperson Jamie Brown told The Rant that results for five more tests were pending at that time. Since then, four of those have returned negative. The total number of people in Lee County who have tested negative now stands at eight.

Brown said the Health Department has now conducted 12 coronavirus tests, with eight negative and results from four pending. That total number of tests by the Health Department, however, may not represent the total number of tests done on Lee County patients since private facilities are only required to report testing if results come back positive.

The test that came back positive was conducted by an outside provider. This post has been update to correct some inaccurate information.

J. Glenn Edwards staff parades through Jonesboro neighborhoods:

With North Carolina’s public schools closed until at least May 15, we’ve seen multiple school staffs parade through students’ neighborhoods to let them know they’re missed and maybe provide them with some small sense of normalcy during an undeniably weird time.

The Rant happened upon one such incident Tuesday afternoon on Academy Street in Jonesboro and snapped this photo of the staff at J. Glenn Edwards doing just that (from the socially distant safety of a private vehicle, of course).

We recognize that other schools have done this and more will as well – so be thankful to educators everywhere for thinking of their students even when they can’t be with them.