UPDATE: County spokesperson Jamie Brown tells The Rant that the Lee County Health Department has conducted 24 tests, all of which have come back negative.

That means all eight confirmed cases were tested by private providers. The number of tests conducted by private providers is unknown.

ORIGINAL STORY: Lee County government on Saturday morning announced two new positive tests for Coronavirus, bringing the county’s total to eight.

It was the second day in a row that two new cases have been announced on the same day, and the announcements mean the county’s number of positive results has now doubled in less than 48 hours.

Lee County’s case count had increased more slowly prior to Friday, with the first case being confirmed on March 20. The second was confirmed March 26, the third March 31, and the fourth on April 8. One of Lee County’s cases has recovered and returned to normal activity; there have been no Lee County deaths.

Names and identifying details of patients are not released in accordance with federal privacy laws. Individuals who have had contact with infected patients will be contacted via the tracing process.

We’ve reached out to county government about the full number of tests that have been conducted and their results, as well as whether the positive test results came from testing at the Lee County Health Department. This post will be updated when we receive that information.