Lee County now has 21 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus after two new patients tested positive, the county Health Department reported Thursday afternoon.

Three of the 21 have recovered and returned to normal activity, while the remaining 18 are being monitored. Multiple new cases in Lee County have been reported every day since April 10, although Thursday’s number is lower than the three reported Wednesday.

Lee County Health Director Heath Cain continued to urge people to stay at home if possible.

“Reported case numbers only tell part of the story,” Cain said. “That is why we urge residents to stay home. We know current case numbers do not reflect every case of COVID-19 in Lee County, as the numbers only represent those who have been tested. We know the virus is widespread and can be anywhere in the community. Every time you go out in public or interact with others outside of your immediate family, you are putting yourself at risk for contracting and spreading the virus.  If you are able, please stay home.”