On the day that Lee County recorded its first confirmed COVID-related death, 19 new cases of the Coronavirus were announced, as well as 19 new recoveries.

Lee’s total is now 188 cases, with 39 recovered. The recovery number before Friday had been at 20 since April 27.

Information about patients is not released, but WRAL reported in multiple places this week that the Lee was a county with a food processing plant that had experienced an outbreak. The network also reported on conditions at the Pilgrim’s Pride chicken plant in Cumnock.

Last week, the county’s Health Department  began offering a small amount of additional information – age range and gender – about patients with positive tests

Because demographic data is reported on a 24 hour delay, Friday’s cases are not included in the count. But of the 169 cases reported through Thursday, 59 percent were female and 41 percent were male.

There were 28 cases between the ages of 0 and 24, 70 between the ages of 25 and 44, 63 between the ages of 45 and 64, and eight who were 65 and older.

Additionally, the state on Friday began disclosing case numbers by zip code. Lee County’s zip codes showed 121 cases in 27330, 57 cases in 27332, and 21 in 27505. Those zip codes in some cases cross county lines, possibly explaining why that total number – 199 – is higher than Lee’s reported total of 188.