The May 2020 edition of The Rant Monthly is out now.

Of course, we’re in the middle of a pandemic, and you’ve been told to stay inside as much as humanly possible. When things get back to normal, you’ll once again be able to find copies of our newspaper in the long list of local businesses who help us distribute. Aren’t we all looking forward to that!

In the meantime, we’re redirecting almost all of our copies into local restaurants who are open for takeout. Ask for a copy of The Rant Monthly (while supplies last) with a takeout order from any of the following establishments:

Bay Breeze Seafood (919) 708-6911

Big T’s (919) 776-4381

Brannan Schlitz BBQ (919) 292-2711

Brass Kettle (919) 776-1122

Cafe Vesuvio (919) 774-9966

Camelback Brewing Company (919) 478-1614

Cooper’s Restaurant and Wine Room (919) 292-1505

Hugger Mugger Brewing (919) 228-8657

Jim’s Family Restaurant (919) 775-1006

Kathy’s Java Express (919) 777-5282

Local Joe’s Tap and Grill (919) 708-5957

The Landmark Breakfast Shop (919) 776-5313

Tramway Diner (919) 775-5770

These restaurants need your business more than ever, and CDC guidelines indicate there’s no increased risk of exposure to Coronavirus from ordering takeout. Help them out, and get a copy of The Rant Monthly in the process. If you’re a restaurant that wants copies of the paper, please email and we’ll bring some to you while supplies last and add you to this list.

Copies are also available at the following locations:

Bengal Mart – 2629 Hawkins Ave., Sanford
Broadway Hardware – 304 N. Main St., Broadway
D&D General Store – 3201 Carbonton Road, Sanford
Lowes Foods – 818 Spring Lane, Sanford
Piggly Wiggly Broadway – 300 N. Main St., Broadway
Piggly Wiggly Sanford – 2412 S. Horner Blvd., Sanford