The News & Observer is reporting (subscription required) that the Pilgrim’s Pride poultry processing plant in Sanford is home to one of 23 North Carolina COVID-19 outbreaks related to food production.

Pilgrim’s Pride had been the subject of other reporting by WRAL, but The N&O’s story explicitly identifies several of the food processing plants in question, as well as their counties. Statewide, 1,340 employees have been impacted, the report indicates. And while the story doesn’t disclose the number of COVID positive workers, it does indicate that the numbers are high. From the story:

*Lee County: Pilgrim’s Pride in Sanford. Piedmont Health CEO Brian Toomey told The N&O that their testing rates of Sanford workers have been high. They have tested over 150 Pilgrim’s Pride and Mountaire Farms workers with a 60% rate of positive cases, but the total number of cases is unknown.

The story also touches on neighboring Chatham County, where it indicates that Mountaire Farms had 74 cases.