With 76 new COVID-19 cases since Saturday, Lee County now has 704 residents who have tested positive, the local health department reported Monday.

The state’s COVID-19 dashboard on Saturday showed that 70 new cases had been reported that day. The county’s report on Monday showed a slightly smaller number – 61 – on Saturday, with 13 on Sunday and two on Monday.

There have been eight laboratory confirmed COVID-19 deaths in Lee County. 485 of the 704 have recovered.

The county only discloses demographic information ā€“ age range and gender ā€“ of those who have tested positive. The information is reported on a 24 hour delay, so the two new cases announced Monday are not included below.

But of the 702 cases reported through Monday, 55 percent were female and 45 percent were male. There were 157 cases in people under 24, 268 between 25 and 44, 220 between 45 and 64, and 57 who were 65 or older.