All vote totals are unofficial until certified – and mail in ballots may be accepted until Nov. 12, as long as postmarked by Nov. 3 (we don’t know how many are outstanding as of this writing) – but here are Lee County’s voting results for local races in 2020, as reported by the Lee County Board of Elections, as well as Harnett County’s elections board where applicable:

Lee County Board of Commissioners (top 3 win):

Cameron Sharpe (D): 13,794
Bill Carver (R): 13,375
Mark Lovick (D): 13,253
Amy Dalrymple (D): 13,118
Sandra Jones (R): 12,872
Paula Fine-Mbuangi: 10,774

Lee County Board of Education (top 4 win):

Sherry Lynn Womack (R): 13,671
Sandra Bowen (R): 13,378
Patrick Kelly (D): 13,179
Lynn Smith (D): 13,304
Eric Davidson (R): 12,279
Tom Frye (D): 11,982
Todd Ashley Miller (R): 11,789
Jamey Laudate (D): 11,626

North Carolina House of Representatives District 51 (Lee & part of Harnett County):
John Sauls (R): 22,847
Jason Cain (D): 16,705

North Carolina Senate District 12 (Lee, Harnett & part of Johnston County, Johnston not available as of 9:05 p.m.):
Jim Burgin (R): 50,214
John Kirkman (D): 33,714

District 12 N.C. Prosecutorial District 12 (Lee, Harnett Counties)
Suzanne Matthews (R):  49,748
Andrew Porter (D): 30,131

Lee County Parks and Recreation Bonds Referendum
Yes: 16,078
No: 11,391