Lee County Board of Education member Sherry Womack is in Washington, D.C. today while a mob storms the U.S. Capitol building in a riot over the certification by Congress of Joe Biden as president.

Womack, a Republican who led the ticket in November’s election for one of four seats on the school board, was in the nation’s capital for a rally before the official electoral count by the House and Senate today.

She was quoted in a piece by USA Today about the events of the day, saying she had “legitimate questions” about Biden’s election.

From the article:

Sherri (sic) Lynn Womack, a member of the Lee County board of education in North Carolina, said she traveled to Washington to demand better election security and stronger voter ID laws. She cited what she believes are “suspicious” videos of ballot counting in Georgia.

“I’m not one of those conspiracy theorists,” she said. “But these are legitimate questions that need to be asked.”

The article does not state she was present when a crowd illegally entered the congressional building, nor has Womack posted anything to social media today about the events after the rally.

We will update this post if we learn more.